The Good News for Lust and Sex Addicts and Other Sinners

Breaking the lust barrier has proven to be the great obstacle in recovery from sex addiction. Impossible Joy shows the way for personal breakthrough for the lust/sex-addicted and others, in or out of the church or 12 Step recovery movement. It helps one move from mere religious belief and practice to real recovery. Ron J. tells the story of his encounter with the humanly-tempted, suffering, saving Son of man, who was lost to him in the religious System. Not for the fainthearted, Impossible Joy opens the way to fulfilling what the Steps prepare the way for—finding the One our lust was really looking for.

This books takes up where Steps One through Ten leave off. Impossible Joy chronicles the author’s odyssey from a religious “believism,” which did not work, to a personal encounter with the One who really does loose from the power of lust and cleanse its defilement. What emerges is a real Jesus for the lust obsessed, a Scripturally sound basis for making one’s own saving Connection—a faith that works.

From the Preface: “I am writing this book because sexual sobriety and victory over lust seem so difficult, if not impossible, for so many Christians, not to mention others. There’s something wrong here. Also, so much of sobriety or attempted sobriety seems to be fear-driven and self-driven, which is doomed to failure. There is a better way. I want to bear witness to the fact that victory over lust can be energized by joy and love that come from a saving connection with the Son of man. This is the Good News for all, whether in or out of the church or Twelve Step recovery movement. . . .”

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