Table of Contents

Part I — The New Lust and Pseudosexuality
                1. “Sex with the Unreal Woman”—The Boys at Duke
                2. The Lustification of Picture-Women
                3. The Queen of Magic—Genesis and Evolution of Personal Lust
                4. The Psychology of Lust
                5. The Lust-Violence Connection
Part II — The Pseudosexual Revolution
                6. The Rise and Spread of the New Sexualities
                7. The “Shakespeare” Scale—Pseudosexuality and Orientation
Part III
Image-Connection and the New Lust
                8. The Reality Revolution
                9. Image Junkies
              10. “Nickel Madness”—The Moving-Image Connection
              11. The New Image Religion
              12. A Personal Experiment
Part IV — Other Forces Driving Pseudosexuality
              13. From Ape-man to Playboy
14. The Death of Father
              15. The Death of God
Part V — Where Do We Go from Here?
              16. Implications for Recovery
1.   What Is Lust?
               2.   Pseudo-Woman and Fairy Queens
               3.   The “Feminine Religion,” and the Tyranny of the Beauty Cult
               4.   Picture-lust Case Studies
               5.   The Spiritual Basis of Pseudo-reality
               6.   Image-Connection and Our Relational Capability
               7.   What Makes Lust So “Impossible” to Overcome?
               8.   Research Suggestions
Acknowledgments and Notes