Our philosophy
Our planet is a treasure and does not belong to any one person; it is for everyone to enjoy. That’s why we create multifunctional products that work just as well for everyday urban outdoor enthusiasts as for experienced adventurers. No adventure is too small – it is the joy you get from it and not the size of it that counts. We want to inspire people to go out and experience nature, whether it be near or far./span>
Our approach
Most, if not all, consumption ultimately has a negative impact on the environment. So, why should you care about looking at our products?
While most brands in the outdoor industry manufacture more and more products for similar purposes, we instead want to offer a narrower product range for a wider range of activities, without compromising eco-thinking and sustainability. By striving for multifunction in every product we manufacture, we hope to contribute to a change for the better by competing for larger brands whose main desire is to increase their sales and make more and more money, even if it is done at the expense of both the environment and the people who actually make the products.
We want to encourage our customers to act responsibly. Don't buy multiple products for more or less the same activity when you can buy a product for multiple activities. 
Our product development 
Unlike most other outdoor companies, we prefer to develop our own fabrics instead of buying finished products from subcontractors. Not only does it give our products a unique look - it also gives us full control over the entire production stage, which means we can grind even the smallest of details and ensure that no dangerous or environmentally hazardous substances are used in the production of our products .
Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and create. We always strive for the most sustainable product range possible, and as we discover new, even more environmentally friendly material alternatives, we often update our products by replacing them, if this means a reduced environmental impact. As a result, we are constantly moving away from synthetic and / or petroleum-based materials and are instead moving towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly natural materials, such as wool, hemp, linen, bamboo, and more.
When you buy our products you can always be sure that you are making an active choice for the environment.