RÖYK was created in 2010 when founder and designer Yann Betros was studying performance textiles at Derby University. When working on his thesis project, a hoodie with a unique, patented hood design that would later be called Tvister Helmet Hood, won first prize in the innovation competition Innovation for Extremes, he quickly received a lot of attention for his product from both the press and retailers. Since many were curious to hear more about his product, he felt obliged to create a brand. The name was RÖYK, a mix of the Swedish expression “röjåk”, an expression meaning "a hell of a ride" that he invented when living as a ski bum in Val d'Isére.

We, who currently own and run RÖYK, are named, in addition to Yann, Isabelle Persson and Linus Zetterlund - a diverse group with a strong common interest in product development and environmental and sustainability, with an equally strong common will to be able to offer the market's greenest and most multifunctional products at a price that everyone can afford.